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Pooka for Agricola beta 2 and Pooka for Settlers beta 3 released

Minor enhancements have been made to both Pooka for Agricola and Pooka for Settlers.

These include:

  • Installing/moving to external media
  • Changing the next/previous buttons to indicate the player


Pooka for Agricola in the Android Marketplace

Pooka for Agricola Demo in the Android Marketplace


Pooka for Settlers Beta 2 released

The Pooka for Settlers beta 2 has been released in the Android marketplace. The most notable change is in the appearance of the user interface and buttons which are now themed to match the player color.

Pooka for Settlers in the Android Marketplace

Pooka for Settlers Demo in the Android Marketplace

Below are a few screenshots:


Pooka Beta 2 Is Almost Here

The next beta 2 release of Pooka has many "under the hood" changes, but I have also spent some time improving the look of the interface.

The following images demonstrate a few of the changes in the buttons and color schemes.



Pooka Beta 1 Has Arrived in the Android Marketplace

The first three Pooka apps (Pooka, Pooka for Settlers, and the Pooka for Settlers Demo) are now available in the Android Marketplace.


The Pooka core functions as a command center for Pooka modules. From the Pooka app you can browse for Pooka modules available in the marketplace. You can also browse existing games, launch new games and manage your friends list.


Pooka Settlers will arrive in the Android Marketplace on February 8, 2011

The first beta release of Pooka and the first Pooka Module, Pooka Settlers, will be released in the Android Marketplace Tuesday, February 8, 2011.

This release is a beta of both Pooka and Pooka Settlers and will be a staged series of releases. Beta stage 1 contains a full turn-based scoring app.

Until the demo is released here are a few screenshots from the Pooka Settlers module...

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